7 Amazing Facts about the 2018 Acura TLX that Everyone Should Know

25 Jul 7 Amazing Facts about the 2018 Acura TLX that Everyone Should Know

Acura made a lot of changes to the design and performance of the upcoming 2018 Acura TLX. The 2018 model is going to be the bolder, better and more enhanced version of the much loved TLX sedan. It is said to be more luxurious, more aggressive and prettier than ever before.

The 2018 TLX sedan will bring many more options and choices for the drive to choose from and make this luxury sedan truly his own. The new TLX has been redesign by the brand so that it is more powerful and luxurious. It is now truly a performance sedan that is made for the masses that love their sedans to be pretty yet at the same time, they want their vehicles to be powerful.

Acura is calling this sedan one of their well-equipped and technologically advanced sedans in the mid-size vehicle segment. The car enthusiasts are waiting with bated breaths to finally see this sedan with their own eyes and experience it first-hand.

Before the all-new 2018 Acura TLX makes its way into the car markets near you, here are 7 amazing facts about the latest TLX that makes it truly one of a kind!

New Red Interior

With the 2018 Acura TLX, the brand is bringing a new interior option which is brilliantly red and edgy. Such interiors are often seen on hybrid super cars that are fancy and very powerful, so this is a welcome option on the new TLX.

Interior of 2018 Acura TLX

This new interior option is called the “Full Red” interior option that looks absolutely stunning on the latest TLX. Getting the approval for this interior was a struggle and the designer had to fight to get approval for this from the brand.

The engineering development leader of the TLX, Dan Powderly said that the getting the approval for the interior color was a very big struggle, because they came up with the idea at the very end of the development process.

Red Interior of 2018 Acura TLX

After this success, this “Full Red” interior option sis going to one of the two option that you will get for the A-Spec model. The interior of the TLX is going to be black with red trims all over the doors and dashboard, while the seats are going to be completely covered in rich red color and they simply look amazing and edgy.

Difference between TLX A-Spec and NSX

The 2018 TLX sedan is very different from the Acura LSX, which is the two door hybrid supercar by the brand. The only thing that is common between these two vehicles is that they both offer the same red and black interior option that looks stunning on both vehicles along with the Acura badge at the front.

Difference between TLX A-Spec and NSX

However, this “Full Red” interior option is only available with the A-Spec trim level that can be chosen with front-wheel model drive and all-wheel drive. The front-wheel and the all-wheel drive option is also available with an all-black interior as well that includes luxurious Alcantara inserts all over the cabin for a sportier and edgier looks that looks brilliant on the 2018 Acura TLX.

The A-Spec Trim Level

Acura is hoping that the 2018 TLX A-Spec trim level is to be an image builder for the TLX line. Acura is expecting that 60% of the TLX purchasers will prefer to purchase the V6 engine variant that can generate 290 horsepower over the basic V4 engine variant that can produce 206 horsepower.

The A-Spec Trim Level

The brand has also projected that 15% of the TLX buyers will choose the A-Spec trim level over the base version as the A-Spec version is going to bring a mixture of better aesthetic appeal and better performance. However, more than that, A-Spec trim level is going to bring better steering, improved handling with stunning good looks.

The A-Spec trim level will feature a V6 engine, with the option of technological features and advanced packages. Of course, this means that the 2018 Acura TLX A-Spec trim level is going to be much more expensive than the base version, however in the end, the price will be worth it.


The 2018 TLX sedan is going to be available outside of the USA as well, which a great news for the Acura enthusiasts living outside of the USA. The A-Spec model and the base version of the TLX sedan will be available in many other countries outside of the country, these other countries include Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Canada.


The Next Bestselling Model

Although the TLX sedan is not of the bestselling Acura models, it is still among those vehicles that are sold well. Even though most people come to their website to check out the RDX, MDX and NSX models, the next model they check out is the TLX sedan.

Jon Ikeda, Vice President and General Manager of Acura said that the TLX sedan is actually that vehicle in their lineup that customers consider the most after the NSX. Now that the TLX sedan has a refreshed design with new upgrades, the brand is hoping that this luxury sedan will come their next bestselling vehicle.

The Next Bestselling Model

Since the 2018 TLX sedan has engaging aesthetics, better style and more standard features, the crowd will be more attracted to it than ever before. Since the new ads for the TLX clearly mention that the TLX comes from the manufacturers of the elusive NSX, this is supposed to increase the sales of the sedan more than ever.

The Power Specifications of A-Spec Model

Even though it may sound absurd, the A-Spec trim level of the TLX does not make more power than the V6 version. The A-Spec model comes with a standard 3.5-litre V6 engine that is capable of producing 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque.

The Power Specifications of A-Spec Model

This is the same powertrain as the V6 trim version of the sedan by the brand. Yes, this is an upgrade from the V4 engine version, but the A-Spec model does not generate more power, even though it is a separate trim levels.

This is because the designers and engineers at Acura refrained from developing a new engine because that would take more time, the time they did not have. The brand did not want to take more time and they felt and believed that the vehicle was already a standout as it was.

They also believed that adding more cost to the A-Spec trim level would not have been the right step and would not have been good for the brand or the vehicle.

A Spider-Man Edition

The A-Spec model will be available with a bright and brilliant Still Night Blue Pearl exterior color, which might be called the Spider-Man Edition. This exterior color is only available with the A-Spec model with the Full Red interior or the standard all black interior.

A Spider-Man Edition

During the development of the 2018 TXL sedan, the brand was calling it the Spider-Man car, however, nothing has been made official yet so there is no guarantee that this will be called Spider-Man edition or not. Also, no matter what exterior color you choose for the TLX A-Spec model, the trunk will be topped with a gloss-black spoiler above the trunk so that the lower rear fascia will look more aggressive and become more aerodynamic.

Acura has high hopes for the 2018 Acura TLX, especially with the new A-Spec model with the Full Red interior package and the Still Night Blue Pearl exterior package. The 2018 Acura TLX sedan is a fantastic new sedan that brings a faster driver, better and more refined version of the much liked TLX model that we have seen in the past years.

This luxury sedan always had the potential to be great, but this year, Acura is giving it everything to really shine and become of their bestselling sedans. With its dashing good looks and great performance, the 2018 TLX sedan has the potential to become the luxury sedan of choice for many car enthusiasts.

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