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Get a FREE online car valuation and a guarantee to sell your car.

By the end of 2012, there were over 1,137,750 registered vehicles in Dubai alone. On the surface, this huge number creates an impression that perhaps there is a huge market in for buying selling used cars. A market, which like a well-oiled machine would facilitate the buying and selling of used cars. However, this is not the case. On one hand, car owners have to face a lot of problems in order to sell their used cars while the car buyers have their own set of problems. These problems make buying and selling of used cars a tedious and frustrating process. SimplyBuyAnyCar.Com was created with the vision to help car sellers sell their cars with ease and in complete confidence that the legal requirements were all fulfilled. With, sellers can sell used cars “quickly”, “easily” and in a “hassle-free” way.

We literally buy any car

At, when we say that we “buy any car”, we actually mean it and our especially designed system helps us to deliver on our “we buy any car” promise. Regardless of the model, make, age or condition of the car, we can literally buy any car. Car sellers no longer have to spend days and in most cases weeks or even months to find the perfect buyer who is willing to offer a fair market price and full payment without causing any delays.

That’s not all, offers a unique service of “pre-purchase inspection” to buyers looking to buy any car from the market. Car buyers can hire our team of expert technicians to inspect any car for potential problems, any repair work that has been done on the body of the car or engine or to find out if the car can give them the service which they expect from it.

Instant valuation, ready cash

At we ensure that as a car seller, you can sell your car quickly and for the best possible price. Our process simply requires you to fill-out our online car valuation form to get an instant and free valuation of your car. If you’re satisfied with our car valuation, then you simply have to book a free and no-obligation car inspection appointment and visit our branch for the free car inspection. Once our experts have inspected your car, we will make you an offer, if you accept our offer then we will buy your car.

We do not just offer the best price, but we can also beat the best offer which you can get for your car!

Our process ensures a hassle-free experience, when you decide to sell your used car to us. We will handle the paperwork on your behalf. The few things required from you are proof of ownership, original registration and a few signatures. You can choose to get payment for your car in form of cash, cheque, or a bank transfer (which takes less than half an hour). If you wish to receive payment in a different currency, then we can arrange that as well to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction.

With over 20,000 satisfied customers from all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, we are more than confident that we will provide you with the best car valuation you can get!

Save your time and money

Trying to sell your car by yourself in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah can be more demanding and frustrating than you might think. Our simple yet effective process ensures that selling your used car remains hassle-free.

At we believe in maintaining a relationship with our customers and attribute our phenomenal success to this belief. To endorse this relationship, we offer our ‘special loyalty scheme’ to customers who repeatedly sell their cars to us. We add more value to the price of their next car which they sell to us. Unlike many other dealers, we don’t desert you once the sale is complete; we go the extra mile, giving you a lift to your home by arranging a rental car for you with our partner so that you reach home safe and sound.

That’s not all, to ensure that you truly feel special, we offer 500 AED cash back to our clients via our ‘refer a friend’ initiative. It means, if you refer a friend to sell his / her car to us and we are able to close the deal then we will give you 500 AED.


We offer a fair and the best price for your used car in the United Arab Emirates. With over 20,000 satisfied customers, you can feel assured when it comes to satisfaction and quality from our side. You will get the best price for your used car in the UAE.


The key to our phenomenal success has been the efficiency of our system. We have invested heavily to make sure that we have the right infrastructure, people and technology to meet the demands of our customers.Valuing the time of our clients is dear to us and we have optimized our system and process to deliver a quick, easy and a hassle-free car buying solution.


The word “Simply” in our name represents the vision which each staff member carries with him / her to ensure the simplicity and effectiveness of the process. From online car valuation to buying your car, every step of the process is incredibly simple yet amazingly effective. Hence ensuring a “hassle-free” experience.


Our clients don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out the post-sale paper work, it only requires a few signatures to get the payment against the offer they have then accepted. Typically, from the moment a car seller walks in to our branch office, it takes them 25 minutes to get the payment of their car in either cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

Pre-purchase inspection


Inspect before you buy! But not everyone is a trained and experienced technician to inspect a car and to be able to point out potential problems in a car. This is where and its team of experienced technicians come in. From checking the paint job, engine and air conditioner’s state, to picking-up signs of any cover up of an accident, our team of experts will draft a comprehensive yet easy to understand report. We’ll run full diagnostic tests, check climate control and AC, airbags, and all electrical components as well. In short, our report will cover the entire vehicle thus helping our clients in making the right decision when buying a used car. We will even help you negotiate the right price by telling the actual market value of the car.


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