2017 BMW i8 – A Game Changing Plug-In Hybrid with a Stunning Design

06 Apr 2017 BMW i8 – A Game Changing Plug-In Hybrid with a Stunning Design

BMW i8 is a breath of fresh air from the usual lineup of heavy luxuriously laden car models. It is one of the most powerful and futuristic hybrid model the brand has managed to produce.

It is an ultimate engineering marvel that had its global premier at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017. The “i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition” was initially launched at the event, which managed to stir a lot of buzz in the industry and change the mindset regarding plug-In hybrid sports cars and how they should look like.

Here is a complete review of the new BMW plug-in hybrid with the highlighting aspects of the exterior and interior, engine specification and performance along with other features.

The Futuristic Exterior of the 2017 BMW i8

The new hybrid plug-in surely has a head turning exterior with its distinctively sporty design. The sweeping look to the BMW i8 is contributed to its short overhangs and long wheelbase. One of the first things that strikes an onlooker about this remarkable plug-in hybrid is how it look absolutely ready to take off at any minute.

The Futuristic Exterior of the 2017 BMW i8

To add to a futuristic experience of this sports car, it features scissor doors that gives an undeniable emotional and sporty allure that is exclusive to the BMW i8. It’s extremely aerodynamic design minimizes the drag significantly, majorly contributed to its rear wing that provides a solid downforce up to the speed of 155mph.

The entire architecture of this ultimate sports car is focused on enhancing its performance and superior dynamics. It has a near perfect, 50:50 weight distribution, using only the most lightweight materials during construction. Its two-part structure uses aluminum and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) for their rigidity and extreme lightness as opposed to steel.

2017 BMW i8

BMW doesn’t confine their customers to just one type of i8. There is a limited edition with a Protonic Red exterior finish with Frozen Grey metallic accents for a fiery feel to your ride.

The Sporty Interior Design of the new BMW Plug-In Hybrid

The interior of this breathtaking automobile is as sporty as the car appears from the outside, complete with the charming BMW luxury. The dashboard and the centre console are easily reachable for the driver that adds to the convenience and comfort while driving. The 3-spoke leather wrapped multi-function sport steering wheel comes with paddle shifter at the back of the wheel for easy handling.

The Sporty Interior Design of the new BMW Plug-In Hybrid

In terms of seating, the BMW i8 can host four passengers, with the front seats having a 6-way power adjustment as well as a 3-stage heating system. Furthermore, the interior seats come in the theme of Mega Carum Spice Grey Leather upholstery with Cloth highlight. In order to keep the cabin comfortable in all weather conditions, there is the automatic 2-zone climate control that adjusts the temperature accordingly. For winters, there is the electric flow heater with auxiliary water heater to keep the inside of the cabin warm and cozy.

Interior of BMW i8

The interior of the limited edition Protonic Red i8 comes with an exclusive carbon-fiber and ceramic trim. Other than that, there are three more optional packages to the i8 when it comes to the interior; these include the Mega World, the Giga World and the Tera World.

Potent Performance of the BMW i8

The BMW i8 has the copyright of being called the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and rightly so, as it has earned it. Long gone are the days when the car enthusiasts had to compromise on performance when hunting for a hybrid plug-in vehicle.

It comes with a BMW TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder engine that drives the rear axle and capable of producing a whopping 228 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque along with high-precision direct injection. It has an All-Wheel-Drive system that is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Potent Performance of the BMW i8

Talking about its plug-in hybrid specifications, the i8 comes with an innovative electric motor that gives power to the front wheels of the sports car. When used combined, they deliver a total output of 357 horsepower, 420 lb-ft of torque, and can reach 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

The electric motor is powered by 7.1 kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack with advanced active thermal management system and it is mated with a 2-speed automatic transmission. This motor can be charged with J1772 compatible AC Charging (3.3 kW) that takes only two and a half hours to fully charge the BMW i8.

In order to achieve the desirable performance, the Efficient Dynamic Technology allows vents to open and close to offer cooling, further reduce drag coefficient and improve the vehicle’s overall aerodynamics.

Efficient Dynamic Technology

Being a hybrid, fuel efficiency is its central theme along with delivering performance as a sports car. With an eDrive technology, the i8 gets up to 76 MPGe of fuel efficiency, which is far better compared to its hybrid sports car counterparts.

To get this powerful machine going, all it takes it a push of a button, with its Automatic Start and Stop function.

Lastly, the BMW i8 comes with 4 driving modes; the standard Comfort Mode, the Sports Mode with ultra-intense boost function, the ECO Pro Mode that operates on a hybrid stance and the eDrive Mode that is an all-electric mode to maximize fuel efficiency,

Technological features

To complement its futuristic theme, it is laden with advanced technological features, inside and outside the cabin. From infotainment to advanced navigational capabilities, it has all the features a driver and the passengers would crave for during the ride of such a sports car.

The i8 has a BMW Navigation Professional System with 8.8 high-resolution screen, complete with 3-D maps, 20 GB storage for audio files, voice feedback and Voice command system. This screen also is an instrument panel that can be synced will all your mobile devices for a personalized in-cabin experience. This is paired with a specialized surround sound system with 11 speakers.

Technological features

Furthermore, the on-board computer with Check Control provides feedback on the vehicle’s operating status. For the driver, there is a Full colour Head-Up Display that showcases all the relevant information the driver would want to know regarding the condition of the vehicle.

Apart from the in-cabin facilities, there is the Park Distance Control System that lets you park your car with convenience and easy in any type of space. The i8 also comes with an Advanced Vehicle & Key Memory and a Comfort Access keyless entry with multi-function remote control.

Safety Features

There are several safety features built in the BMW i8; some of the worth mentioning are as follows:

Safety Features of the BMW i8

  • Anti-theft Alarm System
  • BMW Assist eCall and BMW Remote Services
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Programmable LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Active Driving Assistant
  • Frontal Collision Warning
  • Pedestrian Protection

Availability and Price of the 2017 BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid

The 2017 BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid is already available in the UAE region with a starting price of AED 635,000 that can go up to AED 800,000 with every added option.

Availability and Price of the 2017 BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid

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