5 Mistakes to Avoid while You Sell Car in UAE

10 Nov 5 Mistakes to Avoid while You Sell Car in UAE

If you are someone who wants to sell car in UAE for the first time, there are certain aspects you need to be aware of before you step into it. Agreeably there are numerous car selling and buying websites and other ways to choose from but that doesn’t mean you can randomly select one and sell your car through it. This may result in selling your car at a bad price or becoming a victim of a car selling fraud. What you always need to make sure while selling a used car in UAE is to choose the best method to sell the car.

Therefore, it is important to make yourself aware of some of the commonly occurring mistakes sellers incur so that you may avoid them, before you jump into the task. Here are some of the errors to avoid when selling a car to ensure a fast and safe transaction.

Unknown of the Worth of your Used Car

While you make a sale pitch for your used car, it’s important that you are aware of an estimated amount against it. This amount should be a reflection of the car model, the condition and its mileage. Also, knowing about an estimated amount allows to know whether it lies in the range that you want and how much profit margin can you keep. Furthermore, you can also prepare a pitch that will effectively back up your claim.

You can get an estimated value of the used car through reliable online sources or car specialists and dealers.

Avoiding Maintenance of your Car

Being negligent in keeping your car in pristine condition can severely affect not only the impression of your car in front of the buyers, but also its resale value. If buyers see the condition of your car with dirty interior and exterior, they will be of the view that you don’t care much about your vehicle.

Best way to sell your car and get good value is by giving it for thorough servicing and maintenance. This includes polished interior, washed windows and rims and ideally a new coat of wax along with other detailing.

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Selling a Car through Classifieds

If you are in favor of selling your car privately and not to dealers directly than it’s recommended that you avoid selling a used car through classified.

There may be many websites that supports classified advertisements of used cars specifically but that will be very unreliable. As you will have to provide your contact numbers on the advertisement and it will reach a wide audience, it may land in the wrong hands. Furthermore, it’s risky to call private buyers to your home address or even met them in person.

You can always sell your car for free from specialist car buying companies that require minimum conditions and professionally reliable.

Bad Negotiation Skills

In order to sell any car, even if selling privately, you need to have a good sales pitch. That’s the first step. You need to be convincing and proactive when speaking with interests buyers. This can be done through researching benefits of the car, performance specifications as well as replacement parts for it.

Indifferent to Buyers Fraudulent Ways

While selling your car you need to be vigilant of the buyer’s ways. Giving in the dishonest buyers can be troublesome. Some ways you can avoid con behavior is by avoiding accepting cheques, escrow services and disagreeing with monthly installment payment.

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