7 Easy Tips and Tricks that every Driver Should know

09 Dec 7 Easy Tips and Tricks that every Driver Should know

There are millions of people around the world who drive daily from point A to point B. Such people tend to keep a lot of their belongings in the car in case of emergency while others also prefer to eat inside, whether due to time constraints or other reasons. Nevertheless, quite a number of these drivers are completely unaware of certain ways that can make their driving experience a whole lot easier.

There are some tips and tricks present, mostly to aid the necessities of driving and can be done as a do-it-yourself project within few minutes. These are simple tricks that every driver should know, which can come in handy anytime. Mind you, none of these requires any kind of certification in automobile mechanism. These are just general guides that can help you to have a less stressful travel.

Properly Adjust your Mirrors

Most of the drivers think that the proper positioning of the side mirrors of a car is by angling them in a way that displays the side of their own car and road behind it. Now, according to safety experts, no part of your car should be visible in the rear mirrors. It should be adjusted away from the cars body outwards. The mirror placements should slightly overlap with the field of view in the center-mounted rear-view mirror. This way, it will help to negate blind spots and you wouldn’t have to turn back your head when changing lanes or making a turn.

Properly Adjust your Mirrors

Tie up your Phone

Despite warnings, heavy fines from the road authorities and reported accidents, drivers still at times tend to glance at their phones once in a while when on the road.

There are cars which allow you to sync your phone contacts and messages etc. on the infotainment system, but not all the cars have this feature. For such cars, drivers can always tie up their phones with the air conditioning vent. In order to do that, they just need a rubber band, thread it through the vent and around their mobile phone for a makeshift phone holder. This way the phone screen will always be in front of you and you can tap on it easily.

Tie up your Phone

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Right Side of the Tank

If you are driving a car that’s not yours and the tank is running low on fuel. You head to the fuel station but are unfamiliar as to where the tank is positioned, no need to be embarrassed! You just need to look at the arrow on the fuel gauge and see which side it points to. That is the side where the tank is located.

Right Side of the Tank

Forgot where you parked the car?

With large parking lots and many levels, especially in Shopping Malls, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the location where you have parked your car.

Save yourself the time wandering around the parking lot by taking a picture of where you parked. This way you don’t even have to memorize the parking lot number or have a photogenic memory.

Forgot where you parked the car?

Trash Can for the Car

Are you tired of seeing your car littered with trash on the dashboard, on the back seats or over the stereo speakers at the back of the car? Are you someone who keeps the candy wrappings in the car and throw them at the next stop but are tired of stuffing them in the cup holders?

Now you can have your very own trash can in the car! You just need a plastic cereal container, line it with trash bag and you are all set. You can fix it below the navigator’s seat or beneath the rear seats,

Stay Organized and Enjoy Every Ride

Driving has become an essential part of people’s lives, especially for those who live and commute in urban areas. With a fast moving life, people don’t get the time to maintain simple things for their car. Therefore, these easy and quick tips will surely make a significant impact on the driver and their experience while driving.

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