The Best Way to Sell Your Car in Dubai

19 Jul How to Sell your Car in Dubai

 If you reside in Dubai and intend to sell your car, it starts becoming a nightmare and thus the process of delaying the task starts. You should not worry as you are not the only one. There are many people who just think about selling their car and don’t come near to actually selling it. This is mostly because it takes a lot of time and effort to sell a car through online classifieds. You will have to come across all types of customers from time wasters to hagglers and it will start to give you a headache and ultimately exhaustion.

Types of Car Buyers

There are dealers who could be the potential buyers of your car but they will say and do anything to devalue the worth of your car in order to get the lowest price possible.

Other than these, there is also the risk of inviting buyers who are actually criminals acting as buyers on classifieds. They wait for you to give them an invite so that they can steal your car and other belongings.

There are also those buyers who insist on paying in the form of a cheque. It was reported by the Dubai Police’s Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, head of the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) that most of the times, the cheque is bounced. By that time, it becomes too late to act as the car is mostly sold in another city.

Different Ways to sell your car

There are a number of ways to sell a car but you need to choose a way to sell your car that fits with your mindset and requirements. Some people find it tough to go to the dealers so they remain reliant on the classifieds while others have their own different preference.

Let’s see all the significant ways to sell a car in the Dubai:

  1. Word of Mouth – You can ask your contacts and tell them to pass the word around to reliable people they know who are looking for a used car. It is important to tell all the details about the car so that the buyer knows beforehand what he is dealing with.
  2. Dealership – You can also ask a dealer to buy your car for a price of your choice. This price should take account of the depreciation of your car. If you don’t know how to, you can visit to get a free car valuation This way, you will get the appropriate market value of your car, which you can quote to the car dealer.
  3. Make Use of the Pin Boards – As students and young professionals occupy a large chunk of used car buyers; therefore you can make use of the pin boards present in the universities and office buildings. Make sure to leave your email address on the flyer and not your phone number.
  1. Online Is The Way To Go – You can also sell your car online through classified websites but this approach has certain risks of frauds and scams associated to it.
  1. Specialist Online Car Buying Companies­ –The specialist car buying companies are very beneficial when you are looking to sell your car. These companies are highly professional and buy all types of cars. You can sell your car to these specialist car buying companies at a reasonable price.

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Selling a car does not remain a dilemma when you choose the right way to sell your car. Specialist car buying companies seem to offer a potent way to sell your car but you need to choose what suits you. The professional car dealers in Dubai also offer smooth processing and you can safely sell them your car. Private selling of the car through classifieds is however not suggested as it involves a number of risks as discussed already in this reading.

If you are planning to get a new car in near future then do not forget to sell your old car. For a hassle free selling process try’s free valuation services.

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