How to Buy Used Cars UAE with Cash

19 Sep How to Buy Used Cars UAE with Cash

There is a large variety of used cars UAE which are sold at high prices due to their great demand. If the car buyers follow a right procedure to buy a used car, they can surely make a profitable deal. The cash payment to buy cars for sale in UAE also provides an extra advantage to the buyer to negotiate the final price. In this blog, we will discuss some convenient ways to buy a car with cash.

Decide your car

Before buying used cars for sale in UAE, you need to assess your needs and choose a car which best matches your budget. For this, you can search online used cars UAE to decide a car brand and model. You need to visit multiple websites and check the prices for your required car.

Estimate the value of the car

In order to arrange a cash amount, you are required to use online price guides and visit classified websites to look for the prices of used cars in UAE which you intend to buy. There is also an option to use online car valuation tool present on different car selling and buying websites to know the vehicle worth and price.

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Visit the car seller

When you visit a car seller, don’t mention about your budget and price estimation of the car. Just ask for car inspection and a test drive. After this, you can estimate the right price of the car to be paid.

Inspect used cars UAE before buying

The true value of the car can be estimated after its inspection. You should check the exterior and interior of the used cars for sale in UAE for the possible rust, dent, fading paint and collision signs. You can do it by yourself but for a detailed examination, it is better to take some expert and qualified auto mechanic with you for checking the car.

Negotiate the price

When you offer an initial amount that you will pay in cash for buying used cars in UAE, it will give a bargaining edge while dealing with the car seller. The car seller who is selling in a rush will prefer such buyers who pay cash rather than a bank transfer.

Finalize the deal

If you are buying through the dealership, then you need to check few important details on the contract or bill of sale. It should include car make, model, mileage and warranty (if any). The Price and payment mode (Cash here) should be mentioned clearly on it. Finally, you will be required to get the title of the car from its owner. Once that is done, make sure that you have received the receipt from the seller of the sales agreement and then you can pay the cash and close the deal.

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