Car Smells and Their Causes – Fixing Car Odor Issues Quickly

21 Dec Car Smells and Their Causes – Fixing Car Odor Issues Quickly

There are some times when cars smell bad for no apparent reason. You try to find the source of the smell, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot find where the smell is coming from. A bad smelling car cabin can cause many health problems and require expensive repairs, if you don’t deal with the offending smell on time. This is the reason why you need to be very careful and on top of such situations.

There are some causes and odors that are easily detectable and can be treated at home. All you have to do is change a few things and they can be done without the help of an expert. Here are of bad car smells, their causes and how some of them can be fixed at home.

The Musty Smelling Car

This is one of the most common odor issues with the car. When you have this issue, the car smells musty when you turn on the AC of the car. If this happens to you as well, this means that the car AC has mildew or mold. Since there is a lot of moisture in the AC, it can easily become mold. You can start by running the fan on high before turning on the AC to dry the evaporator of the AC. If the problem persists, you should check your car mats. Wet car mats can cause musty smell as well.

Sweet Smelling Car

The antifreeze in your car’s cooling system has a very sweet odor. If your car smells syrupy sweet, it means that the antifreeze is leaking. The leak could be behind the dashboard or directly from the cooling system. If you can feel the antifreeze entering your car cabin and fogging your windows and windshield, you should check it immediately. Breathing in antifreeze is not good for your health. Try to check behind the dashboard, if you cannot find the source, stop your car and call a professional immediately.

Burning Smell in the Car

It may seem very dangerous and in some cases it is dangerous, but mostly it is just an oil leak that is connected with hot mechanic parts of the car. This can happen by overheating the car or overusing the car. Usually it is because of overheated brake pads because of aggressive braking. If your car has a manual transmission, the smell could be caused by worn out clutch pads. The smell is always worse when you are driving the car in fast speed, so make sure that you keep a smooth speed throughout and never overdo your car, especially if your car has a history of burning smell.

Rotten Egg Smell in the Car

You smell sulfur or rotten eggs in your car, this means that the catalytic converter in your car has gone bad or it is in a bad shape. The catalytic converter can go bad because of a primary issue with emissions-system problem or an issue with the engine. This is one of those issues that cannot be fixed at home and will always require the attention of a professional mechanic. Also, this is an issue that should be addressed immediately, or else you have some very, very expensive repairs on your hand. So always try to be hyper vigilant when you smell this odor.

Burning Rubber and Electric Burn Smell

These two are some of the most common car smells. The burning rubber smell is caused by an accessory drive belt that is worn out or that has slipped away from its position. An overheated clutch plate also smells like burning rubber as well. You can easily replace a driver belt at home, but for the clutch plate, you need to connect with a mechanic and have him fix it.

If you smell an electric burning smell or something like a burnt toast, it means that an electric component of your car had a short circuit or your car has overheated insulation. You should always take an electric burn smell easily, because these can cause serious damage and even cause your car to catch fire. So, be very careful with it and always take your car to a mechanic on the first sign of such a smell.

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