Face-Lifted 2017 Hyundai i10 With Fuel-Efficient V4 Engine

07 Sep Face-Lifted 2017 Hyundai i10 With Fuel-Efficient V4 Engine

Hyundai i10 2017 is a five-door hatchback that has a stylish and fresh look. It has a beautiful interior, offers advanced technologies and is fitted with modern safety features that are all available at an ideal effective cost. The midsize hatchback is the perfect vehicle to drive on the narrow streets of the city.

2017 Hyundai i10 has an eye-catching body that provides it an impressive presence. Its smooth and stylish exterior demands a second look from car enthusiasts. The interior of the car has been designed in perfect manner to provide an excellent driving experience to its customers. Hyundai has introduced advanced technological features in i10 2017 that make its ride safe and entertaining.

Hyundai i10 2017 comes with an excellent fuel-efficient engine that makes it an ideal affordable car to drive. It is fitted with modern safety features that provide an enhanced level of safety to its passengers.

This article will provide a keen insight into its design, performance attributes, safety features, and its availability in the UAE.


The exterior of Hyundai i10 2017 has a face-lifted design that attracts the attention of the car enthusiasts while its interior is laced with fine materials and perfectly accommodates the passengers during the ride.

Design of 2017 Hyundai i10


The lines drawn on its exterior are clean and sculpted to provide a modern look. The exterior of the car is available in multiple colors that enable its customers to select their favourite color while buying the car.

Its aerodynamic body delivers it an excellent balance that enhanced its performance on the road. The classic Hyundai Badge is placed on the chrome accented grille that is fitted in its front fascia. Large air-intakes are placed on the lower side of its front bumpers that keeps the engine cool during the ride. It has a wide front wind screen that provides an improved view of the road and its surroundings to the driver.

Exterior of 2017 Hyundai i10

The side mirrors of the hatchback are integrated with electrically heated technology that comes in handy in bad weather conditions. The available LED headlamps are designed and provide an enhanced view of the road. Fog lamps are fitted in the front bumpers that keep the road illuminated and enhance the safety of the car.

The stylish integrated rear lights keep the motorist aware about the car whenever the brake paddle is pressed. A rear reflector is fitted in the rear bumper that alerts the motorists on the road. On the roof, a micro areal is placed that fits exactly to the style of Hyundai i10 2017. It has 13-inch steel wheels that provide it an excellent grip on the road for a smooth and efficient ride.


The interior of Hyundai i10 2017 is ergonomically designed with fine materials and is a true example of craftsmanship. Inside the cabin, each and every material is adjusted in perfect manners that deliver an enhanced level of comfort to the passengers. The interior can be customize with the multiple available packages at the time of purchase.

Interior of 2017 Hyundai i10

The metal finished cabin of Hyundai i10 2017 provides a pleasant feel to the passengers. The available seats are adjusted perfectly inside the cabin and are fitted with headrests that make the ride more comfortable. Its rear seats come with adjustable headrests that enhance the convenience level of the passengers. Similarly, the driver’s seat comes with height adjustment that enables the driver to find an ideal driving position without any difficulty.

The driver can adjust the steering wheel according to his convenience and can operate different function by the available driver’s assistance controls of the steering wheel. Its trunk provides an ample space to carry luggage during the ride. A storage tray is available under the front passenger’s seat that can be used to carry small items, for example, document files, etc.

Performance Attributes

The suspension of a vehicle plays an important role in delivering an enhanced performance. The vehicles introduced by Hyundai are fitted with powerful suspensions that provide them impressive handling. Hyundai i10 2017 has MacPherson coil strut front and torsion bar rear suspension that delivers a smooth and secure ride on different road conditions. 

Performance Attributes

It comes with a 1.2-litre 4-cylinder engine that can be either paired with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission and supports forward wheel drive. It produces 90 horsepower and delivers 120 Nm of torque to its wheels. It delivers an excellent 5.3-litre per 100 Km fuel-efficiency that make its drive extremely economical. With this engine, the car can reach 0-100 Km/h in 13 seconds at a top speed of 155 Km/h.

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Technological Features

Introducing the advanced technological features in vehicles have been considered an important step in the construction their construction steps. Hyundai i10 2017 offers important technological features that make its ride safe and fun.

Technological Features

  • The driver’s assistance information cluster is placed behind the steering wheel that illuminates blue LED lighting and keeps the driver aware of car’s speed, fuel-consumption, etc.
  • The available SA 710 Audio System is integrated with four speakers that provide an all-round sound performance during the ride.
  • Its shift indicators, electric window controls, and audio panel display the blue LED light that provides an excellent look and makes it easy for the driver and passengers to use them.

Safety Features

Safety features in a vehicle assure the safety of its passengers during the ride. These days, automobile companies are introducing modern safety features in their cars that make them extremely safe. Hyundai i10 2017 is fitted with such modern safety features that make it an excellent safe car to drive.

Safety Features

The available airbags for driver and front passenger enhance their safety and protect them from severe injuries in event of an accident. It comes with an anti-lock brake system that efficiently stops the car when the driver wants to reduce the speed. Similarly, these brakes assure non-skid security that enhances the safety of the car. Moreover, the rigid safety structure of the car provides a dynamic handling and withstand immense impacts and pressures that deliver an excellent safety to the passengers.

Price and Availability in the UAE

Hyundai has introduced i10 2017 in the UAE in the following year and is available at an initial price of AED 32,500.

Hyundai i10 2017 hatchback is an exceptional car to drive. Its small size makes it perfect to drive in the narrow streets of a city. Its exterior and interior features combine together to deliver an excellent performance that makes it a perfect buy.

Price and Availability in the UAE

2017 Hyundai i10 has an excellent fuel-efficient engine that provides an enhanced performance during the ride. It is loaded with advanced technological features that make its ride fun and entertaining. Hyundai has fitted modern safety features in i10 2017 that make it an ideal safe car to drive.

The most noticeable thing is that all these striking features are available at an ideal affordable price across the car showrooms in the UAE.

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