Important Factors to Consider while Buying a Car in UAE

26 Sep Important Factors to Consider while Buying a Car in UAE

There are several factors that a car buyer looks in to while deciding to purchase a car. They may vary from aesthetic value of the car to how the car performs in terms of cost and speed among others. Following are some factors which car buyers from the UAE may put emphasis on and are surely imperative to be considered when. These factors may be perceived differently from buyer to buyer in terms of importance.


Reliability is all about consistency and stability in terms of performance. So when buyers intend to buy a car in the UAE, the first thing which they go for is the car models ability to perform consistently without any unexpected hazards.

Commonly in the UAE most of the models are imported from America and Europe as buyers value their reliability higher than others.


One of the most important factors which buyers in the UAE put emphasis on is the car safety. Due to the advanced car safety technology and awareness, buyers are more inclined to buy a car with more safety features as compared to others. This gives them a sense of entitlement that the car is giving value for money. The more the safety features of the car the more the resale value for it. On the other hand, such features becomes a major priority for those buyers who have a family involved. These buyers would definitely put this factor as a priority and may compromise on others.

Despite the strict rules and regulations involving traffic control and driving, UAE does have its fair share of car accidents. Keeping that in mind, these safety features may be seen as an added advantage.

Car Safety features to buy a car in UAE

Brand Name

For the UAE buyers, especially the Emiratis, brand name and image is something which is very important when it comes to car buying. This is because a car is a symbol of social status within their community. So the more popular the brand name is in terms of luxury, the better it is.

Some buyers also judge whether the brand image of a car has a higher influence among the equal price range of cars. If they can afford Mercedes at a lesser price than DaimlerChrysler, keeping everything else constant, then the chances of getting a Mercedes is higher.

Brand Name

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Interior and Exterior Styling

No car buyer will neglect the aesthetic value of a new car. This include the outer appearance as well as the interior styling and comfort. The factors which are considered when it comes to exterior appearance may include the body of the car and how streamline it is, the color, the size as well as the overall appeal. On the other hand, the basic requirement for the interior of a car is that it should be comfortable to sit and be spacious enough. The color and the material used for interior styling are also important.

Interior and Exterior Styling


Cars are a commodity which are seen as a luxury asset thus buyers are price elastic when it comes to cars. Therefore, price of a car is something that is considered very carefully by the buyers. Those who have a budget in mind, normally have an idea about the basic features which they are looking for whether it’s a used car or a brand new one.

Others who value safety, reliability and brand name tend to see if these factors are worth the high price.

These are some of the important factors to consider when you are buying a new or a used car in the UAE. So always prioritize these factors before you go for car shopping in order to have a smooth and a suitable purchase.

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