Tips for women to buy used cars in Dubai

19 Jul Tips for Female Car Buyers for safely buying a used car

As a woman, finding out a used car that may interest you is the easiest thing you will do when you have made your mind for buying a used car. This is just the first step, there are many more and the next steps are going to be far more difficult. Most of the time, in the category of used cars for sale, you will see a number of cars for sale listed by dealers and their main priority is to get the biggest profit they can score. You need to know that most of the profits they earn come from women car buyers in Dubai. Yes, these dealers try to earn a profit from women who don’t have much knowledge of the car market and lack negotiation skills to buy cars.

If you want to avoid paying more than you want to, take a look at these few tips and tricks. These will help you save money, minimize the risk and you will be able to buy a great used car at a price that you can afford.

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Do the Homework before making a final decision

Before you actually buy or go for a visual inspection of the car, ask the used car dealers if there are any faults in the vehicle. If the advertisement did not mention any faults, you can actually get a definite answer for that if you ask the person directly. If there are any faults with the car, you can research on that and decide if you want to buy the car and if you do; how much money are you willing to give for it! Also, when you go for a visual inspection, make sure you ask this question again, especially if you can see the damage. You can judge the honesty of the dealer and decide if you can trust to buy a car from him or not.

Make Sure the Car is not Written-off while buying used cars

Get the Chassis number of the car and perform a web search on it. The car should never be written off. If the car is written off, it can be extremely dangerous for you drive it. Also, you must try to avoid getting an American car, because mostly these cars are written off and people try to sell used cars in the UAE and to the people who are not aware of these things.

Feel Confident when you talk to the Dealers

Before you buy any car, make sure that you research on it. Check for the common problems of the car and check their features. Check local listings and forums and try to get a feel of the car. Once you are familiar with the car, you will be more confident about the purchase and show the dealer that you know a little about the car. This is how best used cars are bought.

Take someone with you who knows about cars for Physical Inspection

When you go for a visual inspection of the car, make sure you have someone with you who has knowledge of cars. This helps in making the right decision to buy a car.

Check the Car’s Full History

Before you make the transaction, make sure that you check the car’s full history. The service history is very important. Every car must be serviced every 6 months and if there is a gap of a year or more between services; it is not good for the vehicle. Check the mileage of the car and other such things before you pay for the car.

Take a Test Drive and Finalize the Purchase

Lastly, take the car for a test drive. You must feel comfortable with the car and you must be able to drive it as smoothly as possible. Once you are satisfied with the drive of the car, you can go on with the final purchase. This is how women can safely buy a used car in the UAE.

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