All What you Need to Know about Car Valuation UAE

08 Sep All What you Need to Know about Car Valuation

Car valuation is helpful for the car owners to know the actual worth and market resale value of their vehicles. It helps car sellers to put reasonable rates of their cars and make some good profit. Dubai has a huge market for car buying and selling and you can find a great variety of vehicles. The vehicles are traded on their resale values and car sellers need to understand the components of car valuation to make an appropriate price estimate.

Here we will discuss few important factors that a car seller should know to determine a fair value of his car before selling.

Make and Year of the Car

In order to estimate a right value of your car, you need to consider its make and year. Some automobile manufacturers have maintained very good reputation in the auto market and their vehicles have high demand. If your car belongs to one of the top automobile companies then you can sell it at good price. The age of your car is also considered to estimate its value. Usually, the age of the car is known through mileage and model year. The car having model year older than two years will be considered as a used car.

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Notable Features Affecting Car Valuation

There are few notable features which matter a lot when you sell a car. The features like touch screen display, extra cargo space, roof rails and sunroof are among those important features in the vehicles which add extra value and increase their prices. Similarly, the add-ons enhance the design and performance of cars. You must consider these features while doing car valuation to make a fair estimate of car’s price.

Color of the vehicle

The exterior color of the vehicle appeals car customers and there are some colors that have high demand among car buyers. For example, the racing and adventure lovers like bright and sharp colors. Other than that, people tend to buy cars of light color because of hot weather of the UAE.

Cars with Light color sell more in the UAE

Maintenance Condition of the car

When you are doing car valuation in UAE, you need to know that vehicles are physically inspected to check their maintenance condition. The interior, exterior and under bonnet parts of the car are checked to calculate its right worth. The used cars that are regularly serviced have high value than those cars which are not.

Car market’s Latest Trends

The car market happenings and latest automobile trends affect prices of the cars. For instance, if a new technological change occurs and it is widely introduced into the new vehicles then it will lower the value of old vehicles. You should know that car customers pay more for the cars equipped with advanced safety features.

Importance of Car Valuation

Car Valuation Dubai is important to be carried out when you sell any car. You need to estimate your car’s actual worth to sell it at good profit. We have discussed key factors of car valuation and you should consider these while estimating the value of your car. In this way, you can sell your car effectively in the UAE.

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