19 Jul Understanding the Driving Psychology in Detail

It might take few days to learn the basic driving but it takes years to become a skilled driver. Many people start driving at a young age but they need the practice of years to get command over their driving. The procedural memory only builds when you keep driving for many years constantly. The procedural memory is a long-term memory function and stores information in your mind. It also assists to perform different tasks that require body and mind collaboration just as the driving.

Processes To Build Procedural Memory for Driving

The process to build procedural memory for driving is a continuous process and takes time. It involves three steps to develop the procedural memory for driving.

The Cognitive Phase

The cognitive phase is the initial level to learn meaning of things and signs. For driving, you will require knowing the rules, process and road signs. Learning basic driving lessons will build your muscle memory and you will be able to perform various tasks automatically. Moreover, you will be able to react to things quickly and respond. For example, you will cognitively apply brakes of the vehicle while seeing a hazard.

The Associative Phase

In this phase, you repeat the skills learnt in the initial stage to test your skills. By repeating the concepts of driving and doing regular practice you enhance your driving skills. This whole thing is a procedural program that improves your driving abilities.

The Autonomous Phase

The autonomous phase requires you to do a lot of practice until you get perfection. The perfect driving is acquired with practice and time. It is a continuous process and keeps improving with time.

How Sleeping early after the Practice Enhances Learning

You need to know that sleeping soon after practice enhances your learning process. It has been shown by the studies that if a person sleeps soon after practicing something, there are more chances that he will learn the skill better and quickly as compared to the person who doesn’t take sufficient sleep.

This is because the brain needs time to integrate learning and skill into procedural memory system and sleep helps to shorten the learning process. Therefore, the people who are working as driving instructor or teaching driving to someone should urge their students to get sufficient sleep before every driving lesson. In this way, learning new skill will become convenient for the students.

Which Things Affect Procedural Memory and Driving Capabilities

The driver must understand that there are few things that highly affect your driving capabilities. These things include alcohol, smoking and other distracting stuff. The incautious behavior and not paying proper attention to the driving affect the procedural memory. The drugs are severe in this case and highly affect the dopamine levels to develop procedural memory. Resultantly, the driving abilities of the person suffer who gets indulge in such things.

Apart from that, the physical or mental disease can affect the driving skills of a person. The patients of mental illness and Alzheimer suffer highly and they might not be able to drive if the illness not treated properly. The other patients of obsessive compulsive disorder can improve their procedural memory and driving abilities as well.

Drive Cautiously to Remain Safe

Many traffic incidents occur because of the incautious behavior of the drivers. Sadly, it has become habit of many car drivers to pay less attention to the road. Resultantly, such drivers can’t respond quickly to an emergency situation and dreadful incidents occur. In order to keep yourself and others on the road safe, you need to drive cautiously whether you are an expert driver or not.  With this, you need to stay confident about your procedural memory and take action in case of danger. This is how you can drive in a safe way on roads.

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