Selling a Car in UAE Can Be Easy For Expat Women

29 Aug How Selling a Car in UAE Can Be Easy For Expat Women

Expat women face many troubles while selling a car in UAE. If you are an expat woman, you will be in need to find a way out for selling a car with ease and convenience. Taking your car to some auto dealer might not be comfortable for you and you might prefer some online solution. You will find various online methods to sell a car in the UAE. Among them, one method is online classified websites. Many women find this method easy but it has many pitfalls. The other option is to sell a car to online professional car buying companies which are more smart and transparent in their processes.

Here, we shall discuss both methods for selling a car in UAE.

Using Classified Websites to Post an Ad for Car Sale

Using classified websites to post a car sale advertisement seems an easiest way to sell your car being a woman. In addition, these website offer the service free of cost and some of them even won’t ask you to sign up. At start, it will look very simple process that just requires putting details of your car in the advertisement and giving your contact details. But there is a lot of effort needed to sell your car successfully and safely as well through online classifieds.

You may have to go through following processes to finally get done with selling your car through classified:

  • Dealing with Callers and answering their queries: Once you have posted an ad to sell your car, you need to prepare for attending numerous calls from buyers that may include fake buyers who are looking to trap you in any way. And if you are a woman, there are more chances of becoming car fraud victim.
  • Fixing Meeting appointments: From a large number of callers, you need to scrutinize buyers and find out only the serious buyers. Then, you should fix meeting appointment only with potential buyers. During this process, you will find it hectic to handle multiple things and differentiate between potential buyers and fake buyers.
  • Choosing Right buyer to sell your car: Since you are an expat woman, you will have less experience and knowledge about people, so it will be difficult to choose a right buyer for your car in the UAE. You may not have enough confidence to deal with strangers and you might ask for help from some friend or relative to go along with you when meeting a buyer to finalize the sale of your car.
  • Deal Carefully: You also need to deal very carefully and stay aware of fraudsters as they play tricks during payment and you may lose your car without getting paid.

Using Classifieds to Post an Ad for Car Sale is risky

In short, selling a car through classified websites is full of risks especially for expat women. Having almost no market knowledge makes them vulnerable to certain fake deals which are clearly disadvantageous for them. But that does not mean selling a car through classifieds is impossible. It is possible but with all the risks involved as mentioned above. Other than that, you are never sure of the time in which you will be able to sell your car with online classifieds.

Now, we will talk about other option of car selling in the UAE.

Selling a Car to Professional car Buying Companies

Professional car buying companies offer hassle free process to sell a car in the UAE. Selling your car to these dedicated platforms will prove to be a profitable decision. Many of specialized car buying companies offer guaranteed purchase that reduces the risk of car selling for expat women in the UAE. These companies offer very simple car selling process that includes following steps:

  • You will be required to fill out their online valuation form.
  • They will contact you and you will make an appointment for physical inspection of your car.
  • If you agree to their deal, a little paper work will be done.
  • At last, you will be counting your cash or receiving electronic payment transfer.

This is how being an expat woman selling a car in the UAE can be comfortable and convenient for you by using professional car buying companies. You won’t face any trouble and your car will be sold in an easy way.

If you are planning to get a new car in near future then do not forget to sell your old car. For a hassle free selling process try’s free valuation services.

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