Tips to buy imported American or Japanese Cars

19 Jul Things to know before Buying Imported American or Japanese Used Cars

A large number of car buyers look for Japanese used cars due to their excellent interior and drive specs. Although GCC, American and Japanese cars look alike, their accessories, engine and interior specs differ. For this reason buying imported American or Japanese cars can be a risky decision. Many people have lost their money because they bought imported cars that couldn’t cope with the UAE weather conditions. We all know that weather of the UAE is considerably hot, sandy and have high humidity. All these factors make the driving tough and here cars with GCC specs are suitable.

Here we will mention few important things that car buyers should know before buying American and Japanese used cars.

Selling of Salvaged Cars as Imported Ones

Before buying any imported car you need to be cautious. You may face a fraud because some dealers import salvaged cars from Japan and America and present them in good condition. The salvaged vehicles include accident damaged cars that have lost their real value. Buying such vehicles is not a rational decision. The salvaged cars may contain mechanical defects that you can’t identify during the inspection.  Therefore, you should check the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) if you import Japanese cars.

Things to know before Buying Imported American or Japanese Used Cars

UAE weather and Imported Japanese used Cars

When you buy an imported car you must know its specifications. The harsh climate condition of Emirates region is tough for the imported cars. You should know the following important specifications before buying used Japanese cars in the UAE.

  • The radiator capacity to bear extreme weather conditions.
  • The capability of air conditioning system to work effectively in hot summers.
  • Rust proofing of the car’s body to prevent corrosion during humid weather of the UAE.
  • The filtration system to minimize sand and dust mixing with engine oil.

If the imported car doesn’t possess these specifications, there are more chances that the hot weather of the UAE will cause serious damage to it. Here it is suggested to buy cars that possess GCC specs and come with the above-mentioned specifications.

Buying GCC Cars Is More Beneficial than Imported Cars

The buying of GCC cars is more beneficial than imported cars because of the various reasons. First, you need to know that the prices of GCC cars are cheaper than rest of the world cars. The UAE has an oil-rich economy and here service and maintenance of cars are also less.

If you buy American or Japanese used cars and unfortunately face an accident, you may not find its spare parts easily in the UAE. Similarly, the service and maintenance of Japanese import cars are not guaranteed and it may cost you high. The imported high-end cars have complex systems and you may not find a right mechanic for it. Therefore, you should consider all these things before buying an imported car in the UAE.

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