Top Selling Cars for Expats In The UAE

19 Jul Best-selling Cars for Expatriates in the UAE

While the locals in the UAE enjoy the availability of a large variety of vehicles, there are also some efficient cars for expatriates available in the UAE car market. People come in large numbers to the UAE for jobs, education and business. These people, moving to the UAE from multiple countries, have distinctive interests and inclining in terms of the cars they wish to have for commuting. This is where the versatile UAE car market comes handy and offers the most exciting variety of used cars for expatriates in the UAE. From luxury sedans to smart hatchbacks and from all-round SUVs to sports cars, the variety of expatriates’ cars in the UAE does not come to an end.  There are certain cars which are the most suitable for expatriates considering their lifestyles and driving habits and we will talk about such cars here.

Affordable Cars for Expatriates in the UAE

This is the best thing about the UAE used car market that the expatriates can easily find an affordable car for them without compromising too much on some of the essential features of the cars. The selection becomes easy when you have a certain number of cars which match your budget and feed good quality. Affordable cars remain the top most priority of expatriates in the UAE and they should mostly buy such cars which have a decent resale value in the market.

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Luxury Cars are also among the favorite cars of Expatriates

Undoubtedly, everyone loves to own a luxury car but to afford it is a different thing altogether. But expatriates actually find it easy to afford a luxury car in the UAE as these cars have a very good market value and are also available at comparatively affordable prices. Further, the nature of carpeted roads in the UAE and slightly lesser fuel prices makes it easy to afford a luxury car. The luxury cars of Toyota, BMW, Nissan and Audi are among the favorite cars of the expatriates.

Used Cars are the ultimate choice for Expatriates

As expatriates stay in the UAE for a certain period of time and then move to their country of origin, used cars become the most suitable choice for them to buy. The new cars will be more expensive and as new cars depreciate quickly, the expatriates will not be able to earn maximum profits from their resale. The used cars usually maintain a decent resale value over a certain period of time and this is why they are the best for expatriates.

Advantage of buying a car from used car dealers

Expatriates should not look to buy a car privately as they don’t have the required market knowledge and can become a victim of frauds at the hands of fraudulent car sellers. Buying a car from the professional dealers should always be the ultimate choice of expatriate car buyers as this is how they can make the car buying deal secure and beneficial. The dealers take their fee but certainly ease out the process of buying a car for expatriates in the UAE.

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