How to Urge Buyers to Test Drive while you Sell Car in Dubai

27 Oct How to Urge Buyers to Test Drive while you Sell Car in Dubai

If you are to sell a car in Dubai, it is important to urge the potential buyers to have a test drive of your car. It is one thing to buy a car but it’s another thing to feel good about buying that car. This is where test driving a car comes. Most of the time, buyers prefer to test drive the car that they intend to buy. But at times there are some buyers, especially private buyers, who don’t like to give a thorough inspection of the car, to avoid any misunderstanding with the seller. On some occasions, the seller does not realize that encouraging a potential buyer to test drive the car actually helps to make up his/her mind in buying the car at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, test driving a car also shows whether the performance of the car matches the description by the seller. So it’s always good to maintain your car in the most presentable condition that you can. This will enhance the first impression of the car as well as increase its resale value.

Here are some of the ways you can have a command over convincing the buyer to take your car for a test drive, as a result improving the chances of its resale.

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Sell Car in Dubai with the Best First Impression

Being a used car, it’s surely not devoid of some minor scratches along with other small glitches in drive performance. Therefore, it is essential to get it ready and presentable before you put it forward for an offer to test drive. The first thing you can do is to get the car serviced for a maintenance check. A good thorough car servicing can reduce any possible malfunctioning of the car thus making the drive experience, a smooth one. In addition to this, you can also get a car wash to give it a polished brand new look. Buyers are always attracted to a car that looks polished and clean.

Test Drive Cars

Take it for a Spin yourself

After you have got your car serviced, it’s important to take it out for a drive by yourself. As you have been driving the car for a considerable period of time and are aware of the problems it has, you will be a better judge of whether the performance of the car has improved or not. It will also give you an opportunity to drive it like a potential buyer. At this point any minor detail should be scrutinized that may bother the potential buyer. If you have identified a problem, this is the time to get it rectified before putting it up for sale.

Encourage the Buyer to Test Drive your Car

After ensuring all the above mentioned points for your car and feeling the fact that it’s ready, now is the time to put it up for sale and invite buyers to have a look and set a final price. As you are confident about the performance of the car and the price that you have set accordingly, you should go for urging the buyer to take the car for a spin himself/herself. If the buyer has agreed to it then it is advisable not to accompany the buyer during the test drive process, unless the situation asks for it. This way you can allow a certain trust to build between you and the buyer as you are giving them full authority to drive. This trust will help in landing in a profitable price settlement. If you are lucky, you can actually sell car in Dubai for cash right away. So keeping these points in mind, allowing a test drive can be a crucial point in how to sell car in Dubai and get a profitable gain out of it.

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