Avoid buying car from a trader in Dubai

19 Jul Why Buying a Car From the Trader Is Risky in Dubai

Buying a car is a thoughtful decision and you shouldn’t hurry it up. The auto dealers and other car service providers offer special discounts and incentives to attract car customers during festivals like Ramadan and Eid. Despite such beneficial offers many car buyers go to traders and unregistered car sellers. The car buyers have a perception that the car traders sell cars at few prices than car dealers. In reality, it is one of the risky decisions that car buyers make.

Here we will throw light on some points that prove buying a car from the trader risky decision.

Risks of Buying a Car from Private Car Traders

The car buyers shouldn’t buy cars from private traders because there are several risks involved in it. The private car traders and dealers have no license. These home-based car traders operate unofficially and have no insurance. You may face legal troubles after buying cars from them. Not only this, there are many other problems you may face after buying car from private traders.

  • The private car dealers and traders don’t provide warranties of the cars they sell. Their cars are not examined by car professionals and mechanics that’s why carry problems.
  • You may buy a car that looks good from the exterior but carries major mechanical issues. After buying, you will have to spend a lot of money on car repairs. Ultimately, your car buying decision from private car trader proves irrational.
  • The private car dealers sell cars, their tachometer readings are manipulated to reduce the number of miles and impact the resale value. In some cases, the damaged parts of the car body are either repaired or repainted to hide defects.

These are some ways through which private car traders/sellers deceive the car buyers. The unregistered car dealers and traders play many other tricks to sell defected cars, that’s why buying a car from private trader is a risky decision. In order to avoid risks with the business of private car traders, you should choose a reliable mean to buy a car in Dubai.

Avoid Buying Cars from Unregistered Traders

You will find many trusted sources for buying a car in the UAE instead of unregistered traders. The certified car dealers provide you safe car deals. You need to find a reputable car selling platform to make a secure deal. There are registered car dealers and reputable online classified websites from where you can buy a car at good rate. With this, you should inspect the car in detail and test drive it before buying. This is how buying a car in the UAE can be successful and secure.

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