Pre-Purchase Inspection

Always get your car inspected before you decide to buy it!

Unless you’re an expert in the car inspection, it is very easy to get deceived by a cunning or fraudulent car seller. However, not everyone can be a car expert and be able to point out or pick up the signs of an accident or damaged car. Even if you have slight experience in pointing out accident or damage cars, you will not be able to point out the fatal flaws out of a car with a bad engine, gearbox, clutch, electronics, air conditioning, or faulty air bags.
This is where comes in; we have a highly skilled and experienced team of experts which specializes in finding bad components or parts in a perfectly fine looking car. They can judge a car that has been through an accident in a matter of minutes.
Buying cars with bad components or parts which have a drastically low market value could make life very difficult for you.


Cars with concealed technical problems or physical damage have very low market value and sometimes their cost of repair can exceed the actual value of the car. Hence it is imperative that before you decide to purchase a car, you get it inspected by a professional. offer car buyers the ability to hire its experts for 200 AED to inspect a used car. We highly recommend getting a car inspected; our experts will not only inspect the car, but will inform you the correct market value of car thus enabling you to negotiate the price better with owner of the car.
Here is what you need to know about the car inspection:

  • We will help in identifying problems with the car.
  • We will conduct a comprehensive test which is not possible without our specialized equipment.
  • We will tell you the current market value of the car instead of giving you a generic estimate.
  • We can simplify the purchase decision by giving you a simple YES or NO answer.
  • Total time required for the inspection is 25 minutes only.
  • The total cost of the inspection is 200 AED, there are no additional charges.

WHAT can you expect from the INSPECTION report?

From the tiniest of defects and flaws to the most well concealed imperfections, our team will reveal it all in a very comprehensive yet an extremely easy report. Our diagnostic equipment will check every sensor in the car and reveal any irregularities in the ECU, or any other sensitive component. This includes checking the brakes, suspension, engine, transmission, air conditioning, air bags, interior electronics, gaskets and seals, lubrication, tyre condition, exhaust system and all other important parts of the car.

For 200AED, we will also inform you of the car’s actual market price based on its actual condition and help you make the right decision.


You will simply have to fill out the car valuation form and then book an appointment for pre-purchase car inspection. Visit our office on the appointment date and time and our team of experts will have your pre-purchase inspection completed in just 25 minutes.

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Always get your car inspected before you decide to buy it!

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