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Sell your Dodge

If you have a used Dodge, we can buy it here at We buy all makes and models of Dodge including sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and pickup trucks too. If you are interested in selling your car, we can buy it, regardless of its condition or age. Our repertoire is big, we even buy all Dodge classics like Polara, Super Bee and Regent, because when we say we buy any car, we mean it.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to provide you with the best experience while you sell your car to us and our customer support is always available to answer your queries at any time. You can have a car valuation online by filling a very simple form. You will get a quote and if you like it, you can make an appointment with us. After that, you can bring your car for a visual valuation at our nearest branch where you will be given the final price for your car. If you like it, you can walk away with your money in just 30 minutes.

When we are checking your Dodge, we will be looking at a lot of things, but know that these things will only matter in the value of the car, we are willing to buy any car, no matter what condition it is in. We will look at the interior, any custom paint job or any audio equipment you added to the car. Everything will be factored in the final quote you will receive from us. It does not matter what condition your car is in, with us, you can always get a good sale.

Dodge was released in 1914 in Michigan, it was a part of the Chrysler Group. Today it produces a large quality of utility and sport vehicles including SUVs, Sedans and pickup trucks. Their best selling and most popular vehicle was their Dodge Charger, a muscle car that is still very popular among car enthusiasts. These days, Dodge is synonymous with durability and performance all over the world especially their Ram trucks. In the past few years, Dodge became increasingly popular in the UAE area. If you want to sell your old Dodge, we can help you with it at an amazing price.