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Sell your Mercury is the leading used car buyer in the UAE where you are sure to sell your Mercury car at a fair price. We don’t mind if your car model is old, worn out, damaged or not able to start, as long as you want to sell your car, we are here to serve you! Our services are simple, fair, quick and trustworthy.

We understand how busy your life is and how it’s a hassle to find the right private dealer who would actually give you a fair deal for your used car. We know how much a car, especially an old one has a sentimental value for its owner. We can’t put a price on that but we sure can give you the best price in the market for your Mercury car. That’s why we are here to give you a stress free and smooth solution to sell your. offers you a three step solution that does not involve multiple rounds to a dealer. In order to avail our service, you just need to visit our website and fill out some valuation details regarding your car to get an estimated figure for your car. This way you will be aware of the estimated price that you may get at our outlet or anywhere in the market and won’t come as a shock for you. After that your team will call upon you to bring your car for a quick inspection and give you suitable price. Our team of experts are specialized in assessing the price of any car model including Mercury. So, no need to be confused. Just choose and we’ll take care of the rest.

Mercury is a registered trademark of the Ford Company and was founded in 1938. Mercury cars are known for being safe and reliable due to its SUVs as family cars. These include Mercury Mariner and the Mercury Mountaineer. They also offers high performance at an affordable price. Mercury was discontinued in 2011. But to date models like Capri, Sable and Cougar are still being used.