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We offer you a two-step solution for selling your car. It’s so simple, smooth and easy that you can even complete the process during your office lunch break. And the best part is that you will get your payment the same time you make the deal.  No need to have endless bargains with private dealers, when you can get an estimated fair price by using our free online car valuation service on our website. This way you can get to know the real value of your car beforehand. The last thing you need to do is bring your Mini Cooper to one of our outlets so that our expert team can inspect it once and give you a fair price for it. Just like that you can easy seal your deal.

Mini coopers have been considered the coolest city vehicles especially after the Bourne Identity Trilogy movies came out as well as the Italian Job. Their low fuel consumption makes them a great product. They are especially build for city traffic: with its small structure and really easy-to-handle design, the Mini can slip into any narrow street. During the 1980s and 1990s the Mini was available as a limited edition and but came back to full production in 2000.